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Antique 2-stroke Repair

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Antique 2-stroke Repair

qparker4 qparker4
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 03/14
Posted: 03/31/14
11:41 AM

I'm repairing a 2 stroke 1966 Suzuki b100p and was wondering.. what fluid treatments I should do for an engine and transmission cleanse? Right now I picked up "Sea Foam" gasoline treatment, lead substitute gasoline treatment for an older engine, and Marvel Mystery Oil for the crank case but haven't used any of them. I'm hoping to narrow down the options to one treatment for the gas and one for the oil. Currently there is a lot of build up inside the engine head from what I could see when I took off the exhaust and looked inside. Any help is appreciated.

The electrical question is how can you tell if an old rectifier is blown? Do they need to be grounded? and will replacing a rectifier on a 6v system fix the problem of blowing out headlights or should I just drop it and try to replace it with a newer voltage regulator...which acts as a voltage regulator and rectifier 2 in 1?