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Ducati Roads Not Taken

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Ducati Roads Not Taken

Dominator Dominator
New User | Posts: 8 | Joined: 06/08
Posted: 05/09/13
09:24 AM

Thanks for the article on the prototype Ducati motors, it was very interesting.
What I find hard to believe is that anyone -  let alone an engineer like Bruno Tumedei - would expect the 350 Ricardo Triple to put out 80hp out of the crate so to speak.
The last MV 500 only produced 84hp after near 30 years of development. The MV 350 produced 68hp after 20 years. Heck a Yamaha TZ350 only got 70hp.
How about a follow up article by my man Alan Cathcart. Did Ricardo oversell/overestimate what fuel injection could do or was the rest of the design fundamentally poor? The desmo L-Twin gang were probably reluctant to see it succeed.
50hp from a 350 isn't too shamefull and maybe would have been a good start.  

joegresh joegresh
Guru | Posts: 1055 | Joined: 03/09
Posted: 05/21/13
02:53 AM

I think EFI is more for drivability, WOT horsepower would be about the same carb or EFI.

A 50 HP, 350cc would be a monster.