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"Do I look stupid?"

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"Do I look stupid?"

motohorseman motohorseman
Enthusiast | Posts: 508 | Joined: 04/13
Posted: 06/21/13
04:52 PM

Yesterday afternoon, I walked into the credit union and three of the clerks were there waiting. I've worked with them for years, nice people. I'm sure you know the kind - just nice, how everyone should be. In a normal, Midwestern, genuine kind of a way.

Up to the counter I go, only one other customer in the place. He's a gentleman with a cowboy hat on, sitting against the window filling out some paperwork.

"Do I look stupid?" I ask the ladies.

They look a little startled, so I ask again, and they replied.

"No, you don't look stupid" one said, the one I've known the longest. The other "old timer" just had "that grin" on her face, the poor new girl, she did not know what to think.

"OK, good" I said. "I bought something and I wanted to make sure it was the right decision".

"Please give me a check for X amount of dollars out of account # blah blah blah" - The New girl gets to work, and I add -

Make the check to "Advantage Powersports"

"Did you buy a boat" one asked - the look had gone from kindness to motherly concern -

"No ma'am, no I did not."

"I bought another motorcycle"

At that moment in time, I could see it in their eyes, but the words did not come from their mouths.

I could not of left well enough alone -

"There was nothing wrong with my old one, this one is just faster"

Yep, brilliant statement, no matter, water under the bridge now.

Earlier in the day I left a note on the stairs at home, it was simple, to my wife -

"Remind me to buy the bike today"

Some might think that's a pretty chicken sheit way of doing it, but hey, could of been worse.

She agreed, without hesitation I might add, to drive me the 45 miles to the dealer to pick the bike up. I mentioned I sold the FJ1200 (well, in theory), sold an old IT465/490/500+, put the Porsche 944 on Craigslist, the bike was paid for - again, in theory.

Earlier this week, I was making sales calls in the area and stumbled on it, literally, I was knocked off my feet when I saw it. It's far from new, it is a 2000, only 8800 miles on it, appears to be in mint condition.

So, it begins, a new period of my life with another motorcycle. The FJ was a blast, as were all of the motorcycles before them.

Change, the time for change had come.

While I'm not known as a fan of change, well - here is what I've done:

June21 2013 Zpsa3bc8211

2000 Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird, 8800 miles, so far, so good....  
1989 Yamaha FJ1200
2000 Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird
Saint Joseph, Missouri

joegresh joegresh
Guru | Posts: 1055 | Joined: 03/09
Posted: 06/22/13
07:41 AM

Life at 170.