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Looking for Custom motorcycles Accessories ?

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Looking for Custom motorcycles Accessories ?

gassercustoms gassercustoms
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 02/13
Posted: 02/23/13
12:52 AM

You've come to the conclusion that you want to own a custom motorcycle, but you're not quite sure how or where to start. There are several things to consider before you start on your journey for that original, unusual, or unique custom motorcycle.

First, do you want to totally build a custom motorcycle from the frame up, or to modify an existing bike, or order one fully made to your specs? What size bike are you thinking about? Large, small or in the middle? Do you want speed & agility, or do you just want to look cool while you cruise the highway? You will need to figure out how much money you can afford to spend in the long run & whether your plan of ownership will most likely take you weeks, months or even years to complete.

Second, do you have the time to do the customization/modification on your bike yourself, or do you have the resources to have the work done for you. If you plan on doing your own work, (as most of us do) you'll need to consider what tools you will need, where your work space will be located, how much help from like-minded friends you are likely to get, and your level and variety of skills. Last but not least, do you have the motivation and dedication to follow through once you've started creating your own custom motorcycle?

Third, how much work needs to be done on a bike to make it a custom motorcycle anyway? Here-in lies a controversial argument. Some say it's not a custom motorcycle, unless you change out basically everything on the bike and others say changing just a couple of things makes it custom. This is the logical answer; make it uniquely yours in any way you want! Build it, modify it, strengthen it, lighten it, expand it, downsize it, make it more agile, paint it, strip it down or build it up, just make it yours! If you have had it modified and it is no longer "stock", or you've modified it yourself, congratulations! You now own a custom motorcycle!

where do you start?

If you are looking professional for this job I will suggest you order to Gasser Custom, It is specialize in custom vintage motorcycles likes CB350, CB750. It also offer an assortment of parts and fabrications. All work is done by a licensed technician bringing expert precision and detail to every build.

for more information Check out Gasser Custom site  

Bikeguy Joe Bikeguy Joe
User | Posts: 175 | Joined: 01/09
Posted: 02/23/13
07:43 PM

Looking for some cool music for your shop?