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The future of fuel economy Jan 2013 issue

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The future of fuel economy Jan 2013 issue

ronhawker ronhawker
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 12/06/12
03:16 PM

Interesting article on the bike used; the NC700 is the successor to my several NT650 Hawks. New motor but very similar and very much like the European touring NT that they continued to make for many years.

Have had those Hawk's since '88-'90. Never saw less than 52 mph no matter how hard I rode them and got over 60+mph around town. Want to figure the gas cost in those years? They are still my around town bikes and canyon carving steeds. So how much progress has really made when you compare them to the NC700. The only one I come up with is fuel injection. Even with that, very little increase in fuel economy. I do like the fuel injection in my FJR1300 for long trips and the comfort is better of course. But what have we really gained?