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Last Day on Earth

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Last Day on Earth

Bikeguy Joe Bikeguy Joe
User | Posts: 175 | Joined: 01/09
Posted: 10/24/12
03:18 PM

Probably not, but it could have been. I took a ride so good today it wouldn't have mattered.

We don't get a lot of real good riding days in mid-late October here in north eastern Ohio. Today was a bonus day, 70- something and sunny.

I got some things done around here, then got my larger ADV bike out- an '03 Volusia with a tank bag.

I had already put Stabil in the tank a week ago when it was getting crappy out, but figured I can always fill it up, and dope it up with more tomorrow. I rode out far enough I didn't have to look at any of those damned Obamney campaign signs and even found a couple of roads I haven't ever ridden on, which is not that easy after 35+ years of riding around in the area within 50 miles of where you grew up. I have ridden other places. Once I rode U.S. route 6 east from my house in Ashtabula county, just to see where it started, in Massachusetts.

I rode for miles without worrying about looking in the mirrors. I never felt a bump in the secondary roads I was on. I thought I saw my sister, but it wasn't her. She died two years ago. I could smell the drying leaves, the diesel exhaust from the BIG tractors in the field, what people were cooking for dinner, a pig farm, crude oil from the Clinton sand wells.

Thank God for crude oil.

I stopped once to smoke a Black and Mild. I don't smoke one often, just once in awhile until it gets hot and then that's good enough. While I was at the little country store where I bought it, I had dinner- two fresh smokies. At least the woman said "They were just delivered today." It didn't matter, they are petrified beef, or pork.

My heart, and heart medicine which was still in the cabinet at home reminded me that the ride does not last forever and it was time to head for home.

So I did. It was a great ride, one of the top ten I've taken.  

joegresh joegresh
Guru | Posts: 1055 | Joined: 03/09
Posted: 10/25/12
07:05 AM

Things are good in Bikeguyjoe-land!