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Lack of knowledge/customer service and maybe outright dishonesty?

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Lack of knowledge/customer service and maybe outright dishonesty?

mtnbikerva1 mtnbikerva1
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 01/10
Posted: 01/17/10
03:42 PM

BMW Motorrad

Pride in work and Customer Service?

1 Leaking engine oil from a valve cover gasket. not caught or fixed during first service.
2 Pulsating/stiff brake lever or front brake at a crawl speed wise.
3 Backfiring. Related to the gasket leak?
4 Fuel gauge not registering properly even after the recall fix.
I ran out of gas on a very dangerous bridge with no cell phone.
So again BMW wanted me to run out of gas and maybe get killed before they fix a known defect!!!
5 One of only two screws falling out of headlight mount. And Battley's wanted me to pay for it!! The moto was about 2 weeks old.
6 Gear display going blank.
7 Missed shifts (could be me I admit, but I wonder)
I want to be reasonable, but it seems like a lot of issues/problems.
I do not like the fact that I spent *** on a supposedly new motorcycle and now I have to give up my days off/rest to deal with all these problems!
Thank you for your time/wisdom and opinions.
8 A BMW dealer called me in I think november and said they had the new airbox in. They had not told me they had ordered it. so it was again another BMW lack of being open and forth coming communication, I think they broke my old one and needed to replace it. So again I probably had to waste another day at the dealership getting it installed. I called BMW Motorrad and asked about it and they were supposed to get back to me about what was going on and if I needed to waste another day at the dealership or if it had been replaced in one of my previous visits by another dealer. Again I have asked and still not received any definitive answer as to whether or not the airbox had been replaced or not. It is now Jan. 15 2010 and no answer. I do not understand why it is so hard to answer what seems like a simple straight forward question. Should I ask KTM or Suzuki questions about BMW motorcycles, service and parts/accessories because BMW to this point has not proven they are capable of a knowledgeable professional answer about their own business, and that is if they even provide any answer at all.

The other irritating thing about BMW is they tell the customer to ask the dealers technical or mechanical questions but every person I have asked at each of the 3 dealers and 2or 3 at BMW Motorrad tell me something different about what motor oil to use in the motorcycle.
I have been told to switch by mechanics and parts people at the dealers to synthetic motor oil at 3,000 miles, 5k, 6k 7k 10k, 12k, 13k, and maybe 20k( I may be missing some) and one sales person at Bob's BMW told me never to use synthetic motor oil. One person at BMW Motorrad after I told him what I had been told by all the previous people both at Motorrad and the motorcycle sales person at Bob's said to never use synthetic.
Also one person at Motorrad said to use 20w-50 conventional motor oil.
The manual says:
Engine oil, capacity 2.9 l, with filter change
Lubricant Engine oil, 10W-40
Oil grades Mineral oils of API classification SF through SH.
BMW Motorrad recommends not using oil addit-
ives, because they can have a detrimental effect
on clutch operation. Please do not hesitate to
contact your authorised BMW Motorrad dealer
if you have any questions relating the choice of a
suitable engine oil for your motorcycle.
Permissible viscosity classes
SAE 10 W-40 L-20 °C, Operation at low temperatures
SAE 15 W-40 L-10 °C

So since my last post some things have happened. The bike would not run while trying to ride in the rain to work. I had to take the day off. I made BMW flatbead it to Bob's BMW and they supposedly fixed the factory known defect. Why did BMW not fix this before I bought it and make me go through the hassle and $? I asked for my money back or a new 2010 that hopefully has the bugs worked out, and they say no.
I also asked since they will not buy the problem back or swap for a 2010 that I thought it reasonable to pick the motorcycle up and return it to me when fixed, every time the moto had a problem for about a year. BMW Motorrad said no. I have wasted far too many days at the BMW dealership trying to get know defects and other problems fixed. It has also cost me money and stress due to days I had to take off from work.

Now BMW Motorrad has said no to my request and instead offered me a "mystery" fog light to shut me up. I told them I was not interested in a fog light that THEY would not tell me anything about claiming they knew nothing of the fog light and did not know who did. I called another BMW dealer that has the latest info for parts/accessories... and they said there is no fog light for the F800GS. Now how fu*ked up and wrong is that? So the way I see it they want to put a poor quality light on my motorcyle that is probably halogen which is crap compared to the LED technology and even HID. The mystery fog light will probably cause me more problems and cost me more money due to being too high a drain on the system along with who knows what other problems.
They had offered for me to pick 3 things from the catalog and then said NO, and I picked the Rallye Pro 3 or Streetguard 3 and might have been willing to take the RP2 in a offering of peace and reconciliation but I made the mistake of asking about the fog light because will not answer the phone and will not answer e-mails. I have tried for 2 weeks to have any contact with the gear/apparel people with no results or help from BMW. As I have experienced BMW seems to have NO people that know any of their products and will not offer up any information as to how to contact someone that does. EVERY TIME I DEAL WITH BMW IT IS LIKE TRYING TO TALK TO A BUNCH OF CORRUPT GREASED UP RETARDED MONKEYS OR POLITICIANS.
WHY IS IT SOOO HARD FOR THEM TO SAY I DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER TO A QUESTION OR ABOUT A PRODUCT, BUT I WILL HAVE A PERSON THAT IS KNOWLEDGEABLE CALL YOU, OR I WILL PUT THEM ON THE PHONE TO TALK WITH YOU? WHY NOT USE THE APPROACH OF: WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT AND MAKE YOU A HAPPY AND DEDICATED BMW CUSTOMER. A person then would be free and willing advertisement and propaganda. Is it asking too much to get a new quality product and service that I paid for from BMW? How does it help BMW and the dealers to provide either no service or no quality product at all and piss people off that will obviously in a rage tell all willing to listen or read?
I did not buy my BMW thinking, now how can I make my life more stressful, costly and develop a relationship of distrust and resentment.
I understand that NO company or product is perfect but, come on! Man up and do the professional thing and fix the problems. Hire some willing and knowledgeable people to develop symbiotic relationships with customers.
I am so pissed off I want to scream in their face! I can hardly think straight!
I have just bought a BMG "Adventure" Suit and the Forcefield" Extrme Harness Adventure" so I do not need a RP2 or maybe even a RP3 at this point.  

joegresh joegresh
Guru | Posts: 1055 | Joined: 03/09
Posted: 01/17/10
06:47 PM

I'm thinking you have a lemon. Beemers are usually every bit as reliable as a Japanese bike.  

On the oil issue- just use what the manual calls for. Having oil in the engine is more important that the type of oil.


Toolpen Toolpen
New User | Posts: 20 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 01/18/10
09:04 PM

With all of the problems you are experiencing, I would definitely stay with the oil recommended by BMW in your owner's manual. Keep accurate and detailed notes as to all correspondence as this situation has to come to a head and get fixed. The key is just hooking up with the right person at BMW. I have worked on BMWs and  Japanese motorcycles, and while BMWs are certainly good motorcycles, they are no better than the Japanese. Some motorcycles have become very complicated, and in my opinion, if there is a problem in the motorcycle service industry it's the lack of technical information provided by the manufacturer's to their dealership service departments. Some manufacturer's are better at providing this type of support than others.  

BikerG BikerG
New User | Posts: 38 | Joined: 01/10
Posted: 01/19/10
07:34 AM

The quality of BMW motorcycles has waned in recent years. That's why I prefer older models.  
1994 BMW K1100RS
2007 Harley Softail Custom

Toolpen Toolpen
New User | Posts: 20 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 01/19/10
09:15 AM

Some years ago, another magazine published an article titled High Rollers, which was subtitled The Travels and Travails of Seven Long-Distance Riders. All of the riders profiled were riding motorcycles much older than the article's published date and with mileage counts well over 100,000 miles. My current ride is a 1991 ST1100 and I can't think of another bike I would enjoy more. And I know this sounds silly to some, considering what is currently being offered. My biggest problem will be finding parts at some point, which will lead me to purchase a parts bike. Lots to be said for older, well designed motorcycles that are taken care of.  

Rode off into the sunset Rode off into the sunset
Guru | Posts: 899 | Joined: 10/06
Posted: 01/19/10
12:33 PM

Trade it and get another motorcycle, that one is a POS.

Time to move on, put it behind you and chalk it up to experience.  

BikerG BikerG
New User | Posts: 38 | Joined: 01/10
Posted: 01/21/10
07:37 AM

UJM is right. You should lose the F800GS and move on. Check out the Triumph Tiger. It looks great with optional color-matched saddlebags.  
1994 BMW K1100RS
2007 Harley Softail Custom

Toolpen Toolpen
New User | Posts: 20 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 01/21/10
09:31 AM

It's tough to head off on a bike you have lost confidence in. And tougher to start over with a new bike when your original bike was "new" to begin with. BMW should take care of this. Now I can see why some of the guys riding BMWs in this year's Iron Butt carried a spare final drive unit with them.  

BikerG BikerG
New User | Posts: 38 | Joined: 01/10
Posted: 01/22/10
01:40 PM

BMW continues to introduce new bikes, yet they still don't have a handle on final drive failures. They refuse to acknowledge the problem, much like their inept handling of EFI surging with R series boxers years ago.

Check out these final drive failure registries:  
1994 BMW K1100RS
2007 Harley Softail Custom