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Suzuki's B-King -- Thoughts from the East Coast

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Suzuki's B-King -- Thoughts from the East Coast

troy nelson troy nelson
New User | Posts: 13 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 02/21/07
10:55 AM

The mental pic might be unsettling but Suzuki's B-King beast could be the lead, uh, "dancer" for Chippendale's: burly, naked, and has the balls.  What does B-King stand for: Beef King?  Beefcake King?  Burly King?  Brutal?  Burnout?  Pick the litter.  It's possible all apply. Maybe they should call it the G-King -- Godzilla.  If the B-King hits the streets in current pre-production kit as reported by MC's Aaron Frank then it's possible this would be a bike I would step up to.  Naked muscle bikes have a presence in my area, the Upstate of SC.

The reaction to the B-King, as well as others of the naked bike ilk, is probably similar that regarding MC's Dan Walsh -- lightning rod material.  Love it or loathe it.  However, like a knee to the groin, it provokes a reaction.  The appearance and claimed performance of the B-King appeals to me.

I've owned a number of sportbikes and many standards.  Back in the day I was employed as a Powersport salesman.  I had the chance to buy a neglected ZX7.  The plastics were hurting so I removed the nose cone and side panels.  I popped on a couple of aftermarket driving lights with a unique tint and beam and streeted it.  This was more of necessity but I enjoyed the look and feel.  The reactions I got were more than favorable.  A customer who frequented our dealership kept pestering me to sell it to him.  I relented when I located another ride.  Made a decent dime on it too.  This was when the term street fighter was just coming into being.  There's something appealing about a bike that feels minimalist and still has cajones.  The new B-King is that and more.

It's good to finally see an urban fighter bring the beef.  I know, Triumph has a rutting hooligan with it's 1050cc Speed Triple.  A few would mention Yamaha's VMax but that thing was never meant to handle and is way long in tooth.  Maybe it's rumored update will challenge the B-King but real world info is not to be had yet.  Yamaha and Kawasaki bring updated material, the FZ-1 and Z1000, to the scrum as well but...  

This B-King seems the business.  A straight transplant motor from the Hyabusa is bombs in Baghdad goodness.  The power delivery this motor dishes out is where I love to live -- bottom and midrange-ville while still retaining full huff on top.  This naked Godzilla beast at full song won't be wheezing like a chain smoker in a marathon.  I suspect that B-King owners will be addicts themselves what with habitually lighting up but it'll be the rear bun getting puffed.  When B-K owners visit their local dealer for rear replacements they might as well purchase them in packs they'll be going through them so fast.

Too often in the States these UJM or street-fighter bikes have been wanna be's.  The best example is the Honda CB1000 sold here in the mid '90s: a porker with no chops.  Think also of their 919 or Kawi's original Z1000.  Even Triumph's serious, modern era stab at burliness, the '97 T509 Speed Triple, was lacking serious power on top.  It was fun and a foreshadowing of things to come but had room to grow.  I won't refer to the '95-'96 models -- they were parts bin specials and tanks.  They were cool bikes in their own right and have a respected place among the resurrected Triumph lineage.  This list isn't comprehensive but you get the idea.

What do you call the long, black streak left on the pavement from a B-King sexy tire-smoking launch?  What else?  A B-String.  The B-King is no eunuch or gilded pony.  It's got brass and if the running gear is as complementary as the motor then get used to the accolades that will flow it's way because, "whether you like it or not... learn to love it 'cause... it's the best thing goin'... TODAY!  Whoooooh!"  If naked street brawlers are your style then what's not to love?  It looks the business.  It handles.  It won't go through corners like an obese drunk -- weaving and bobbing on poorly sorted suspension and brakes.  This is a bike that could even excite an old farmer -- "With power up high and power down low, power here, power there, power everywhere, Old McDonald had a B-King, e-i-e-i-o".

There are two issues about the B-K that need to be addressed: tires and exhaust.  Suzuki could handle the first by including a second rear with the purchase off the showroom floor.  The original will be powdered a few hundred miles after the break-in service.  The exhaust will be handled by any number of aftermarket companies -- those stock cans look big enough to be SCUD missiles.  Otherwise, the coming of the B-King will have some slavering at the mouth till it arrives late this year.  Bring it!  

Evel's Baseball Bat Evel's Baseball Bat
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 03/07
Posted: 03/11/07
12:28 PM

The B-King sounds like a great idea, but man is that thing butt-ugly.  Maybe too futuristic for me.  

troy nelson troy nelson
New User | Posts: 13 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 03/11/07
08:38 PM

Yeah, I realize the Beast King's styling may have all the feng shui of a grenade at a knife fight but you gotta admit that the motor that will propel the beasty is as impacting as said grenade when its pin is pulled.

Again, if all is as written then it'll be glorious to see a naked bike that has not been denuded at the factory in the name of "streetability" and "mid-range".  Gimme more, styling be damned!  And I can't wait to get the real world details of Yamaha's $6,000,000 Max: "We can rebuild him, better, faster than before".  The showdown between these two monsters will be like Godzilla vs. Mothra -- Japanese motorcycling sci-fi at it's modern best!  

history1595 history1595
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/08
Posted: 04/01/08
10:59 AM

Just bought a brand new one, it is unbelievable!!!!  The smoothness of shifting through all gears is like cutting butter. Power and speed is incredible.  I have owned cruisers and crotch rockets, 600's and litre bikes, naked and with fairings, but this is by far the fastest and best handling bike I have ever been on. Granted the exhaust was ugly but once replaced I have all kinds of questions and chalenges thrown at me everywhere from gas stations to grocery stores.  General over all opinion most people like it and as you can tell so do I.  

New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/08
Posted: 06/13/08
08:08 AM

B-King originally stood for Boost King, but they took the boost off.  

Rode off into the sunset Rode off into the sunset
Guru | Posts: 899 | Joined: 10/06
Posted: 06/13/08
11:19 AM

The dealer called me as soon as it arrived, and I rushed down.

A potential buyer,  without question, I was stoked -

Until I sat on it, my 6'4" nearly50 year old body would not fit. Leg room, no leg room, and I'm not buying  a motorcycle I have to ride bow-legged.

Chaulk up another time I wished I was normal sized...

VMax,  well, I'll have to wait  and see....