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MaxAir Predator Pro Air Kit

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MaxAir Predator Pro Air Kit

cfijeff cfijeff
New User | Posts: 5 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 07/24/06
11:48 PM

Well now I understand why the President of MaxAir calls himself “Mad Max”. This fellow apparently cannot or will not think in terms of the customer and the issues that the customer may be dealing with in attempting to install the MaxAir Predator Pro air kit. Instead, this fellow rambles on in chat room rants, slamming shop technicians and wayward bike owners alike, demanding that they must install the product per his instructions and not ever really answering questions and concerns posed to him. He hurls insults and allegations around as if the world were supposed to cower at his very being. Somewhere along the line, this fellow forgot – or never understood – who and what the customer is.

At least that has been my experience.

I purchased the Predator Pro kit and had my Yamaha dealer install it on my ’06 V Star 1100 Classic. The install was difficult. Efforts to get the bike running properly have not worked out completely, despite multiple efforts which included dyno runs and adjustments conducted at a 2nd dealership by a very knowledgeable and experienced technician. To this day – 2 months and 1500 miles later – the bike still does not demonstrate the power improvement *** by MaxAir, and continues to have a persistent backfiring through the carburetors at low end / accelerating RPM.

My multiple requests for help and expressions of concern and dissatisfaction have been met by an increasingly strong tirade of criticism and personal attack. At one point I sent MaxAir an email offline, not via the chat room, *** that this might be a better way to resolve the issues. Instead, MaxAir chose to post the email in the chat room and issue a long tirade criticizing my concerns, the technicians I have been working with, and me personally.

Specific questions about published instructions remain unanswered. Further, the installation instructions themselves were lacking certain illustrations and have some confusing directions. Other issues, such as removal of the Air Injection System, are not even addressed.

Judging by the volume of questions and concerns written in the MaxAir chat room by others, I am far from being the only one with install problems.

I have put way to much time and money into a modification that apparently is not all it is cracked up to be and despite MaxAir *** that it is a simple turnkey owner-install process, neither the kit, nor MaxAir as a company, live up to those claims. Now, I’ll spend more time and money to either install a different air kit, or take the bike back to factory stock. Either way, the MaxAir kit is coming off of my bike and I’ll probably frame the parts as a reminder that I need to be more diligent in my research before I commit to something like this.

After over 30 years in business, I know what “customer”, “customer service”, and “customer support” mean. MaxAir is not even close. Caveat Emptor….  

scottyd scottyd
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/06
Posted: 08/05/06
03:56 AM

I agree 100% I had the same problem with the so called "garage". If you have a 06 save your money, unless you like being cheated. You wont get more power, you wont lose your phantom 6th gear, You wont get thrown from the bike at accel. If your like me all you get is a series of backfires that come and go. The customer service is terrible. NO ONE THEIR IS QUALIFIED TO HELP YOU. The forums is worked so that any negative posts are deleted and they will change your posts as well. Save your money buy PCS, or factoty pro(thats where maxair gets all thier info anyway)  

Sloth Sloth
User | Posts: 82 | Joined: 09/06
Posted: 09/07/06
07:16 AM

Unfortunately, that is far from uncommon with a lot of aftermarket suppliers, particularly the "cottage" guys. Frequently, they feel that they are doing you a favor by offering their amazing products to common ***clowns like us. As much as I get bored w/rider forums, check them out before making a purchase. Obviously, no company is gonna have everyone 100% happy, but you can get a godd idea as to what end users feel about the product and service. My advice is to find a local shop, franchised or independent, that you feel comfortable with. The small amount you extra you pay (these guys have brick-and-mortor expenses, they're not just some stoners w/a website) is worth it to know you've got somewhere to w/problems. Too many horror stories about customer service from a lot of the we-based shops, which unfortunately hurt those that know what they're doing and art a bunch of idiots. Again, look for web-based vendors that are also running real shops, not just filling orders out of Bubba's garage.  

Mike4139 Mike4139
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/09
Posted: 06/03/09
09:07 PM

I notice this post was made a pretty long time ago.
I felt since I do have the Maxair Pro on my bike and have good results I should say something.
I have a 2004 VStar 1100 Classic running Hard Krome 2 3/4" Staggered Straights
The install of the Maxair Pro was easier than what I thought. I went through all the steps the way the instruction said. Sync the carbs and went for a test run.
Start up was clean, a little choke to warm up and away I went. The extra power was awesome, the sound of my new pipes combined with the growl with the Maxair was very impressive. I did have a slight hesitation on my first test run. I use the Maxair Garage forum to figure that problem out. Started at the 2 1/2 turns on the Max Mix screw tweak them to almost 3. Went out for the next run all went well. No hesitation. Idle is sweet and smooth. The bike sets there with a deep rumble. Even my father in-law said it sounds like that thing will fly. I blip the throttle and a big smile came across his face. He said Oh yea! Yes a big difference in power.
Tech support was great. The owner had called me personally and thanked me for my purchase and if there was anything they could help me with as far as the install they would be there for me. I have to say the total experience was good.
Yes Max does have a way with his writing that may come off as a little smug. But his phone conversation is completely professional. Some people don't write as well as they speak. I myself have taken emails the wrong way. I don't know both sides of the story with cfijeff and the other guys, but my experience was all good.

All I can say is educate yourself prior to making any modification to your bike. Read all you can. Being an armchair mechanic  has it advantages in knowing what to expect.

Capt. Mike
Mobile AL.

Happy Cruising to all  

tpbeebejr tpbeebejr
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/13
Posted: 04/08/13
12:34 PM

I am new to DIY modifications to my 2001 V-Star 1100 Classic (only 4200 miles), but since I recently learned how to remove and fully clean my carbs after the winter, I got the bug and decided to try to learn more about DIY mods. I drilled out the PMS cap and installed the MaxMix extended PMS thumb screw. I built my own dual manometer and successfully balanced the carbs. I successfully removed my AIS system and eliminated the backfiring. I drilled out the first and last baffles in my stock mufflers, improving the sound and throughput.

This last modification got me to thinking about the need to re-balance the air-to-fuel ratio, and naturally I have been doing some online research about the MaxAir Predator Pro kit. After reading the majority of excellent feedback about Max, I wrote him an e-mail when I ordered my MaxMix PMS screw. I noted that the MaxMix PMS screw was not among the purchases that allowed one to have access to the "garage" section of his website, and I asked Max if I could have access anyway after my $38 purchase of the MaxMix PMS screws. I was hoping to learn from the postings in the garage more about such things as: how to select the right jet sizes, what jet sizes were supplied (both main jets and pilot jets), what the "anti-reversion" part/process was and how it works, to perhaps see and read the full installation instructions, and learn generally what the issues are *before* I invested the $220.

After all of the glowing testimonials on the MaxAir website, I was disappointed to receive a terse e-mail response from Max stating that my $38 purchase was not enough to qualify me to gain "garage" forum access, and that this was how it has been for ten years. Surprised, I sent back a polite e-mail asking for perhaps a one-time read-only access to the site, and/or a PDF file of the installation instructions. No response back from Max. Then I dug deeper and started to find more and more of these negative reviews of Max and MaxAir, reviews that I somehow managed to miss before.

So now I am turning to the various Motorcycle forums to see if I can get some answers to my questions. Any help would be appreciated. I am not interested in Max bashing, just some helpful answers:

1.) What jet sizes are supplied with the PredatorPro kit (both main jets and pilot jets)?
2.) How does one select the correct main jet sizes? I currently have a stock 112.5 main jet in the front carb and a stock 110 main jet in the rear carb.
3.) How does one select the correct pilot jet size? I currently have a stock 17.5 pilot jet in both carbs.
4.) How does one select the correct starter jet size? I currently have a stock 42.5 starter jet in both carbs.
5.) What is the "anti-reversion" part/process, and how does it work?
6.) Can someone who has bought the PredatorPro kit please scan the full installation instructions and post them?
7.) This seems like a good product (I would say that the positive feedback outnumbers the negative feedback on unbiased forums). But what are some of the issues, particularly for modified stock bikes?

Thanks very much